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Credit Information
Chairman: Wang Tinglong
Since: 1995
Registered Capital: 50000000
Business License:
Registered City: Ri Zhao
Nature: Private
¡¡¡¡Being one of the largest enterprises manufacturing the woven carpet in Asia presently, Dongsheng Carpet Group is respectively provided with some advanced facilities such as Weldon carpet loom which is the fast in weaving speed and the highest in weaving density globally, and UCL omnipotent carpet loom that is unique in Asia, etc. Its primary products includes Weldon woven carpet, UCL woven carpet, tufted rug, needle-punched carpet and manual felting needle carpet with 23 millions square meters as the annual production capacity, amongst which there is 8 millions square meters for Weldon woven carpet and 12 millions square meters for needle-punched rug separately.
The Group comprises 12 domestic and international sub-companies such as Rizhao Dongsheng Carpet Company, Ningbo Dongsheng Carpet Company, Zaozhuang Dongsheng Carpet Company, Binzhou Dongsheng Carpet Company, Dongsheng Bairei Carpet Company and American Dondsheng Carpet Company, etc.
The group consists of 12 sales companies and 37 sales branches domestically, and what is more, the sales companies have been established in some nations respectively such as the U.S.A, Russia, etc. As a result, the occupancy rate in the market has reached 45 % over the same products domestically and the products have been marketed in over 20 nations and regions such as the U.S.A, Japan, Russia, the nations in the Middle East and South East Asia and EU. The group is the largest provider in China for the clients from the U.S.A and Japan to procure the woven carpet.
In the group, there is a pattern designing & development center with the most advanced CAD intelligent carpet designing & development system and a professional team for designing & development. What is more, in collaboration with Art Academe attached to Qinghua University and the top carpet designing & development companies in Europe, it has consistently invented the carpet patterns that are well suited for the latest consumption trend in the international carpet market. Up to now, the group is the Star Enterprise in Shandong Province in China with the patent regard because possessing 1200 items of patent with reference to the external looking designing at the national level in total.
The group commits itself to building up some brand images such as scientific Dongsheng, art Dongsheng, green Dongsheng, faithful Dondsheng after some certificates have been approved such as ISO9001, ISO14001, China Environmental Friendly Carpet Certificate and Indoor Air Quality Inspection Environmental Friendly Certificate issued by American Carpet Association. Meanwhile, it also has received International Environmental Friendly Carpet Green Pass, Qualified Environmental Protection Certificate by American CRI, and Right for Usage of Pure Wool Trademark by New Zealand. In addition, the Anion healthy carpet, which is environmental friendly and invented on its own, has been verified by the experts. In September, 2007, the trademark,¡°Dongsheng¡± has been approved as one of ¡° China Famous Trademarks¡±by the Trademark Office from China Industrial & Commercial Administration General Bureau because the group has obtained some awards respectively such as ¡° Enterprise for Observance of Contract & Credit at National Level ¡±, ¡° China Credit Unit¡±, ¡° Shangdong Provincial Model & Credit Enterprise¡±, and ¡° Dongsheng¡±Carpet has been appoved as ¡° China Famous Product¡±, ¡° Shangdong Famous Product¡± and ¡°Shangdong Famous Trademark¡±.
Dongsheng Carpet Group will pursue the perfect combination between high technology and natural art in order to offer a nice life to mankind with the excellent products and services.
Credit Information
Legal representative: Mr. Wang Tinglong
Year of eastablishment: 1995
Oganization type: Private
Business scope: Manufacturer
Number of staff: 1000
Registered place: Ri Zhao
Registered capital: 50000000
Annual turnover: 1,5000,0000
Products exported to: China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Europe, Asia, South American
Main customer:
Export percent: 30 %
DONGSHENG CARPET GROUP CO.,LTD. ¡¡¡¡Telephone: 0086-633-8688999 ¡¡¡¡Fax: 0086-633-8688901
Address: No.79 Haiqu west road Rizhao Shandong, China